Affiliate Terms and Conditions:


You may join our affiliate program. Simply apply within your online customer account. Place or give out your affiliate link to others, and earn 2% on their purchases made here. Affiliates are independent 1099 contractors, and as such need to report their own income to the IRS on their year end taxes. We are required to report any payments we make to another business/contractor over a certain amount in a years time to the IRS (usually if yearly payments add up over $600).

Affiliate payments are made by check or paypal, and are paid once the current balance reaches $50 or more. We cannot do ach bank contractor payments.

We are not accountable for and you agree to not hold us responsible in any way, for the way you share your affiliate link. DO NOT SPAM or send any email with our website URL to any person who did not directly ask you for your email. You could cause our website to be added to spam blacklists, which could affect our business (customers would have our order emails sent to spam folders or blocked by their ISP's). You could be held accountable if your spam activity causes that.